Women Power

I’m a huge fan of women.  I’m continually in awe of their amazing ability to juggle many balls so effectively. They care deeply about issues in our communities, our country and the world.  These are the women that I’m attracted to and love to spend time with. But I am also amazed by how easily many women I meet take for granted the freedoms and privileges American women enjoy. Having lived in Iran during the Shah’s regime, I’ve seen firsthand the oppression of women. Indeed, that was many years ago, but so little has changed for women in that region and in many other regions of the world. Think of the outrage, demoralization, and shame you would feel if forced to go through your days looking out from behind the screen of a burka, or living in fear of walking to the market without a male escort, or forced into a life of prostitution as a single mom because women aren’t allowed to legally work. We needn’t, MUSTN’T, sit quietly by while women around the world are being subjected to this kind of bullying day after day.

I believe that to “Whom much is given, much is expected”. That would be us, Ladies! We, American women, while enjoying the fruits of education, in a land of prosperity and freedom, can help change the physical, emotional, and spiritual landscape of oppressed women wherever they live in the world. And we must!

These women don’t have the power to fight corrupt governments alone. They don’t have the power to protect themselves from the male dominated cultures that keep them as subordinates. The Current Bestseller “ Land of a Thousand Suns” is one of the best reads about the Middle East and the inequities for women.

This site is the place for us to unleash our potential to make a difference! We are all busy with work, family and the myriad of issues women face everyday. But there are lots of women looking for something in their lives to fill them up, when a shopping trip to the mall no longer works. Getting involved in service to those less fortunate than ourselves is a great way to be grateful for all we have, while reaching out a hand to help.

Lots of women need our help! Let’s Giddiyup! We’re not gettin any younger!