Teenagers Cookin’ for a Cause!

Recently, I had the privilege of attending a talent show and dessert buffet presented by our good friend’s daughter.  She’s 17 and off to college next year and needed a senior project. She invited everyone she knew and housed the event in a church activity room. Her friends from choir, school musicals or just have raw talent provided the entertainment. She sang a couple of duets herself! It lasted about 45 minutes and the talent we heard was AMAZING! (One young man by the name of Nick Marzok needs to try out for Amercian Idol. He writes a lot of his own music, plays the guitar and sings.  Keep your eyes and ears open for that name!)

After the Talent Show everyone was invited to a wonderful dessert buffet! She had a beautiful array of items provided by her mom, grandmoms and friends (including one of my favorites, the old angel food and a can of diced pineapple cake. It’s light and delicious and great for spring or summer!)

All the attendees (about 60) were happy to make a donation to her chosen recipient, the Ammani Christian School. This is a private, inner-city school where children who would otherwise be unable to succeed in school are offered the opportunity of a quality education.  She donated over $600! Everyone had a fabulous time and it was just a wonderful community function!

They say the best gift we can give our children is the ability to look in the mirror and be proud of who they see. This young lady is proud of who she sees (and so are her parents, friends and community!!!). I think lots of teenagers want to make a contribution and a difference! With a little support from us (YOU) they can!