Set Policy To Avoid Conflict

yellingA universally understood truth: Committees mean conflict! Anyone that has been on a committee, either as a volunteer or in business, clearly understands that opinions are like noses – everyone has one – and they’re all different! Moving your particular agenda through a committee for approval can be an arduous task, and strong personalities can block your path like a huge boulder! With these boulders it doesn’t matter that they don’t have consensus – they’ll make stuff up as they go along!

So what can you do to obviate these issues? Set policy before it becomes personal.

Before any conflict spins out of control, when possible, put a policy in place so that it’s in writing and clear to everyone involved. Yes, it will take some time on the front end, but once in place, you have a blueprint to refer to that will serve you, and your committee members, over and over again. It keeps the discussion from becoming personal. Now isn’t that a goal worth working towards?

The next time your committee gets bogged down, or you get bogged down with conflicting viewpoints – pull out a Q-Tip! It’s not to clean your ears – it’s to remind everyone “Quit Taking It Personally“! Now get the non-emotional heads in your group to set policy to address the issue and move on! That’s why we need all different personality types on our boards and committees. The visionaries can’t function without the detail, task oriented types and if it weren’t for the visionaries, there wouldn’t be any goals! Together they can make magic!