Securing the future of your group, club, board!

It seems all types of volunteer organizations have the same types of issues when it comes to sustaining their boards.  Spoke with a woman last night that is involved in a service club and a church ladies group. She was remarking about how the same problems existed in both organizations.

If you have a great group of committed leaders in place, it’s imperative that you switch out 1/3 to 1/2 every year so that you’re never left with an entirely new board! It’s hard enough to transition information from one committee chair to the next and so much gets lost in the shuffle. No matter how good your intentions, and how good your notes or templates, if someone hasn’t worked “Hands On” with a board or committee – important ideas, systems and procedures can just fall off the plate. Over the years, the problem magnifies until all the great effort and groundbreaking strides of one committee, leader or board, is lost completely.