Live Auctions


Depending on what type of event you’re planning, and how much you’ve got going on, you might want to consider a live auction. This can be as simple as a few special items that have sizzle, to an hour long side attraction that ultimately becomes the entertainment for the night. If that’s the case, don’t forget to make sure everyone has a place to sit and you have a professional on the mike that can keep the crowd entertained!

One of the best live Auctions I’ve ever seen was at an eWomen Network Conference in Dallas. With about 3,000 women in the ballroom, they had a professional auctioneer that was a hot shot woman who travels all over the world, April Brown Auction Powerhouse

They had some real sizzle packages like an NFL package, an Emmy package, a Media package and a Glitz and Glam package. All of them included airfare, overnight accommodations at various destinations and even lunch with Donnie Deutsch! They raised about $250,000 in 30 minutes! It was exciting and fun and the crowd loved it!

If that’s a little out of your league, fear not! You can still do a live auction with your own sizzle pieces! Maybe a fur coat, a cruise or travel package,  a piece of jewelry, a painting – gathering great items is all about connections and having your particular committee using theirs!