Growing Membership or Volunteers

If you’re involved in any kind of membership based organization, club, chapter, board – are you in need of new blood? It’s easy to get stuck  doing things the same way, in the same manner, with the same systems. I’m a huge believer in creating a great system and t keeping it fine tuned, but all too often I see groups. get stuck in the status quo.  When there are no new ideas, no infusion of new passions, like stagnant water, your group will become stale.

So give yourself a reality check:  Your members are taking a night off to give you their time and a night out to offer you their talent, treat them like guests! Make sure you plan a welcoming environment and they’ll keep coming back.

  • Are your meetings held at a fun place? Interesting, enjoyable, easily accessed meeting locations are critical and should be a draw rather than just a place to attend to business.
  • If you are charging for a meal, is it great food?
  • Sometimes the ability to offer adult beverages is a huge draw especially with women!  Are cocktails/wine available?

Women’s organizations often forget that they must constantly attract new members to make up for the natural attrition that occurs each year.  If you truly want your group to be sustainable take a look around. If all you see are the same faces you saw last year and the year before…it means trouble ahead!  Time to grow!