Fundraising & Service

Watching the Presidential candidate’s interviews tonight, I came to realize just how timely this new blog and website are. While commemorating 9/11 and the hero’s that gave up their lives during that time and since, and as we as a nation try to help third world countries become independent, both candidates expressed that the best way we can honor those hero’s is to do community service ourselves. See a wrong and try to right it or offer our time in service for a cause bigger than ourselves.

As a 22 year member of a women’s service organization, I can tell you first-hand, that the power of a small group of like-minded women is phenomenal! It doesn’t matter if it’s your bookclub, cardclub, or mom’s group. I think ANY group of women can make a difference and EVERY effort, big or small is important, If we can help our kids to understand the power they hold through their youthful energy and idealism and if we can help them direct that into mobilizing and taking action for change and betterment of something beyond themselves – what an accomplishment!

When my daughter turned 13 we decided to have a big party for her and invite her entire class of 70 kids! She had been very sick for a number of years before we found out she was highly allergic to a mold growing in the crawl space under her bedroom! She had missed over 50 days of school year after year and never had more than 7 days of wellness in a row. But now that was all behind us and we wanted to celebrate her health and her infinite potential! (that’s what I wanted to celebrate, she was 13 and just wanted a party and cakeJ Anyway, she decided with a little direction from me, to have kids bring a donation for Operation Smile and Heifer Project in lieu of presents. When we counted the proceeds, she had raised almost $1500. I felt so much joy and pride reconciling the checks for the two designated organizations. Our daughter was very proud of what she had done. She knew that following her heart had resulted in right action. She and her friends had a great time at a fabulous party that provided, instead of piles of wrapping paper and yet another bracelet, cd, or stuffed animal, a life a little easier for those less fortunate than themselves.

So, let’s start Cookin for a Cause! And let’s get our kids Cookin for a Cause! Let me here from you! Send me your questions, ideas, joys and fears and I’ll do my best to shine a a little light, information and support your way. My background and skill set is quite diverse – an FSU graduate in Communications, Travel Coordinator for a large American Company in Isfahan, Iran during Reza Shah’s regime, restaurateur in New England for 7 years, Public Relations Consultant and Producer of the first and largest International Paintball Festival in the U.S., and now Producer of special events for National women’s initiatives. I’ll be happy to share my expertise in any and all areas if it helps YOU get moving in a direction to make a difference! We don’t have time to waste so let’s giddiyup! Here’s to your success!