Create Your Own Fundraiser vs. Partnering

It seems like I run into women on a weekly basis that are involved in some stage of fundraising. Often times I’m contacted right at the beginning when a board or group is just considering their options and searching for the best path to move forward. Sometimes though, the best course of action is NOT to move forward with a signature event, but rather to look for strategic alliances with other entities that have the same mission.

If your goal is to really maximize the time, treasure and talent of a group, consider how much muscle you really have? If you ask for too much, you’ll run the risk of burning out some excellent and very committed women. But what if you could find an event that already exists that you could affiliate with to achieve your goals? Whether it’s selling something or producing an event, most groups would embrace an influx of new “feet on the street” that are like-minded in their mission. Come up with a letter of agreement about how this would look and you’re off to the races! The letter is just to clarify who’s doing what and how the relationship will look so that when memories fail, you have something to refer to.  It should be a win/win for all parties involved as well as the funding recipient! And, your group can achieve visibility, purpose and reward – without all the angst!