Celebrating Volunteers

CelebrateWhenever we are witness to the extraordinary efforts of a volunteer, or anyone for that matter, let’s not miss an opportunity to celebrate them!  Volunteers are unpaid not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless. No matter how large or small your fundraising efforts, often times it’s the collective muscle of a group of supportive, like-minded individuals that bring it to fruition. And often times there are a handful of volunteers that have gone above and beyond the calling. Then there is that one person who just takes the reigns or their personal piece of the event, and they give it all they have for weeks or months on end.

Look for ways you can nominate and celebrate your local volunteers for the tireless work they do. It may take a little time to fill out an application, and it make take keeping your radar up seeking awards in your town or city that would be a good fit for an individual. And if there isn’t any – maybe you can create one! Lot’s of organizations and events, take a few minutes to thank and honor several individuals that have made a difference.  This is a great place for sponsors to lend a hand and they love it! Everyone wants to be associated with good things!

Years ago when I was producing a large International Paintball Tournament (AKA –  IAO) , I created the Search for Excellence Awards. We took nominations for individuals that had overcome a personal challenge and teams that had performed outstanding community service. We never lacked for nominations and each year, as I handed plaques to the deserving winners, the thousand people under that tent got the same great  feelings of  doing good, just by being in the vicinity of good deeds! Yep – what goes around comes around and when you reach out to honor deserving people, it takes nothing from you, but rather elevates your spirit.  To say nothing of giving someone a gift for a lifetime!

Recently our local Zonta Club www.ZontaThreeRiversNorth.com nominated a woman who over the years had been a driving force for the organization. It was her vision that got everyone thinking bigger in terms of fundraising. She is currently wrestling with cancer, but the night she got her award, she looked fabulous and was so very greatful. It was the least we could do. The very least. She was owed the world.

So what can you do? Send me a note and let me know! We can share great ideas about awards as well as foodie fundraisers!