Branding Your Uniqueness

brandingHaving just attended a fabulous workshop with Dick Bruso – “Being Heard Above the Noise” – I just have to pass on a really good exercise he shared.  This one really got me thinking and I hope it will do the same for you!

“What would you say if you had 1 minute in front of 1 million people?”

This little exercise forces you to distill your efforts, thoughts, purpose for living, work, energy, etc. down to one message. Take a minute right now before I tell you how I responded. I’ll wait………

For me – it came easily because it seems like everything I do or am involved with centers around one core message: It’s imperative that women living in freedom and abundance, assist those women locally and globally  who are not. Oppression has many faces.  It can be living behind a veil, or living in fear of  a partner or parent getting home. It lives in the office, the school, and the church. It comes in lots of forms,  in every corner of the world.

Madelaine Albright has a wonderful quote that was just repeated in the movie entitled “A Powerful Noise”,  a not to be missed movie about what some amazing women are doing worldwide to help other women in Bosnia, Africa and Asia. She says, “ There’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t help other women.”  This doesn’t mean this has to be your purpose for living, as it is mine,  but it does mean you have to do what you can, where you can, how you can  – for women less fortunate than yourself, and for women with causes you care about. When you impact a single mother for the better, you impact the entire family.

Nola Theiss, a former mayor of Sannibel island, and member of Zonta is now running a non-profit to help educate and inform communities about Human Trafficking and what that might look like in your community.  She’s a sought after expert and speaker on the subject and was really just a woman who couldn’t stand by and do nothing.  Awareness and Action are the Keys to eradicating this hidden crime.  She needs funding and support to continue the important work that has to be done,  so check her out at

Whatever your mission, whatever your purpose, whatever speaks to your heart, think about your message and what you would say to engage others in your cause and passion.  I love the saying, “ We are all born angels with only one wing, but by locking arms we can fly! “ Here’s to your flight!