Benefits of a Great Fundraiser for your Organization

It’s never just about the money. If you raise $10,000, but your group is polarized, overworked, overused, exhausted and depleted from the process what have you accomplished? If your event is not sustainable, what have you accomplished? A one hit wonder is not the goal. Creating an event that has a lifespan and can be fine-tuned over the years to adapt to changing trends, that WILL arise, is the long-term win/win.  A win for your committee’s efforts and a win for the recipient organization.

We believe, and have in fact proven, that when you appropriately outsource key elements of event production it will free your agency, board or club, to stay focused on your mission without being bogged down by the details of an event production. It’s the same principle I employed to outsource a bookkeeper. I can do the books for our companies but she does it twice as fast and, as an expert in the field, assures greater accuracy and compliance to laws I may not be aware of, so, there are no GOTCHAS that burn up my time trying to resolve. My bookkeeper and my housekeeper allow me to not get bogged down with tasks that when outsourced, are done efficiently, in a timely fashion and afford me not only a manageable to-do list – consisting of things I enjoy doing – but, wonders of wonders, even gives me a little down time, recharge time, FAMILY time! I value them, pay them well and thank them profusely! The same is true of the professionals needed to help you succeed in fundraising. And if they’re really good, they’ll pay for themselves! Effective Fundraising is optimal and sustainable, when it’s the combined best effort of volunteers and professionals.