“Souper” Bowl Sunday #2

Souper Bowl Trophy Foodie Findraising

It’s that time of year when everyone is thinking, or at least HEARING about the Super Bowl!  With the current state of the Union and the embracing of change, maybe it’s time for a twist.   If you’re going to enjoy a Pig Fest – how about helping someone else in the process?  Consider turning your gathering into a fundraiser called the SOUPER Bowl instead.  Have a few of your foodie friends bring their favorite soups in a crock- pot. Have everyone bring their own bowl, and voila – you’ve got the makings of a real FUN Raiser! And no dishes to wash!

There are a number of worthy causes to tie your event to, local Food Pantries and Homeless Shelters are two that lend themselves to the theme but your current passion for a cause– whatever it is – is just fine, too. You can simply convert your usual Wings and Beer Fest  to a donation requested party and serve SOUPS, of course!   Check out our FREE DOWNLOAD with all the details! From a grassroots home event to a big venue production- we’re talking about it all!